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Here are the various services that I offer.



Have you been wondering lately if you should get support?

Has something in your life happened which has left you feeling distressed and unsure what this means for you going forward?

Or has the past been creeping up on you, giving you all the signs that you have some old wounds which are still open?

If you're at a point in wanting to invest in yourself and give yourself the best chance of healing and processing your experiences, then I can be your ally in your journey towards healing and growth. Working together, we can learn to understand your feelings and experiences, bring compassion and tools to the fore, and find new ways of being which will help bring about changes in your life.
Working with me in this deeply personal way can be transformative, allowing you to feel more empowered in your choices, to create peace in your mind, your body and in the life you lead.

We can meet online or via walk and talk. As well as the deeply helpful ways of talking and listening, we can bring in creativity through words, music or art, as well as connecting more into the body through body work, somatics and mindfulness. 

That being said, the most important factor in your therapy is our relationship. Building the trust and safety is paramount for you to be able to share your full self and be open to growing through your distress. 

To do this, I aim to bring a balance of professionalism, warmth, sensitivity and sometimes even lightheartedness as we navigate this together. 

Counselling is relational and we will collaborate together to find your unique path forward. 

Teenagers in Nature


Whether you are a young person seeking support, or if you are a parent/ carer looking to find the right support for a young person you are concerned about then I may be able to help you.

Our teenage years can be some of the most enjoyable but can also be some of the most challenging periods of our life. While support from loved ones can often be a comfort, it may not always be quite enough. It's at these times that counselling can be really helpful. I can offer young people a welcoming, non judgemental and confidential place in which to explore the complex emotions that come with moving through adolescence. With help to express themselves and learn about what is going on, it becomes possible to find ways of doing things a little differently which can help young people make changes and start to feel better. 

Sessions will be adapted to suit each individuals needs. We can meet online each week or if local, we can meet outside and do walk & walk.
We can chat through things together or we can use creative methods such as; writing or drawing, use music, or even make something together like a memory box or dream board. If we are outside, we can do stone stacking, walk through the trees or local open spaces, sit and put our feet in the sand or even practice grounding techniques in the moment. 

Each young person is different and I think it's important they feel comfortable expressing themselves in any way they wish.

Some common themes that often come up in counselling are; friendship and relationship difficulties, anxiety, worry and stress, anger, depression, low self esteem and confidence, bereavement, family breakdown, issues surrounding weight, sex or sexuality and harmful behaviours such as self harm or substance misuse. All challenges are welcomed in counselling.



Counselling outdoors is a form of ecotherapy. 

The focus is still on your reason for coming into counselling, but instead of being sat indoors, we will use nature around us.

Some people may be more comfortable talking while strolling a beautiful path. Others feel reassured by the open space and more at ease with extra freedom around the environment. Some other added benefits include; increased exercise and an opportunity to use grounding techniques 'in the moment'.

Due to the beauty of East Lothian, we are spoilt for choice for places to walk. We may find ourselves wondering in the beautiful woodlands, following a coastal footpath, walking the beaches, we may sit down somewhere secluded while we take in some reflections, and sometimes, we may even be creative and use tools in nature to express ourselves. Such as; sand art, stone stacking, listening to the woodland sounds, or even using mindfulness or breathwork to connect deeper into our bodies. How we work together will all depend on your individual needs and wishes. 

The first session will usually be online/ phone to ensure we discuss how best to use the time outside effectively and safely.

Image by Unseen Studio


I offer person-centred supervision to counsellors and student counsellors.

I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where you feel comfortable to be open and vulnerable. Our collaboration will be grounded in mutual respect and a willingness to be vulnerable, ensuring a space where you feel heard and valued.

Together, we will foster professional growth, celebrate successes, and tackle difficulties with empathy and understanding, and sometimes even with a light heart. Expect a blend of professional guidance and warm, approachable interaction, all aimed at enhancing your skills and confidence as a counsellor.

I can support your work whether it's online, face to face or outside. As a young person and adult counsellor, I can also offer a space to explore the intricacies of both of these.

I myself, offer person centred counselling, with added body awareness, trauma informed practice, spirituality and creativity. I am happy to support you in any of these as well as your own areas of passions. 

If you feel we may work well together, please feel free to get in contact and we can chat further. 

Thanks, Jacques

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I am able to offer various workshops and collaboration services.

These include; group therapy, children's wellbeing spaces, workshops, educational inputs, psychoeducation, enhanced emotional literacy courses or a support space for community issues or anything impacting your team or group.

I have previously offered inputs into staff teams within local charities, support groups to children&young people in schools, support to parents/ carers and I am also a visiting lecturer at Queen Margaret University, specialising in giving trainee teachers an insight into ACES, trauma informed practices and emotional literacy. 

I can tailor a package suited to your needs. 

Please get in touch to find out more. 

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