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  • Jacqueline Green

Millennial juggle: Balancing childhood healing and positive parenting.

Okay, let's talk about millennial parenting, shall we?

Millennials find themselves wading through uncharted waters, balancing the weight of their own childhood wounds with the aspirations of creating a positive upbringing for their own children. This generation, born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, is facing unique challenges, exacerbated by societal pressures and economic strains. As a millennial myself, I feel this!

The pursuit of positive parenting is often hindered by external pressures and internal struggles. The financial burden weighs heavily on many millennials, who came of age during the Great Recession and are now dealing with stagnant wages, high housing costs, and mounting student loan debt. The strain of financial insecurity can erode the capacity for present parenting, as worries about making ends meet overshadow the joys of raising children. You know the feeling.... wanting to be present but noticing the long list of to-do's, anxious worries and thoughts, tomorrows planning and feeling the almighty pressure of feeling alone with it all.

Feeling alone with it all - that's because millennial parents frequently find themselves lacking the familial support systems that previous generations may have taken for granted. With the erosion of traditional family structures, and the rise of mobility and individualism, many millennials are navigating parenthood without support from extended family members. This isolation can amplify the challenges of healing childhood wounds, as the absence of familial support leaves parents feeling overwhelmed and alone in their journey.

Additionally, we as millennials are confronted with the task of forging a career in an increasingly competitive and volatile job market. The pressure to succeed professionally often clashes with the desire to prioritise family life and have a healthy work-life balance, leading to feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Striving to excel in careers while simultaneously providing attentive and nurturing parenting requires millennials to perform a delicate balancing act, one that often leaves them feeling stretched thin and emotionally depleted!! If you've ever felt like this, I get you!

But we as millennials are extremely resourceful and highly skilled!

We are turning to resources and support networks to navigate the complexities of parenthood and healing. Therapy and counselling services have seen a surge in popularity among millennials, because they feel they need an ally in their healing and someone to guide them. Being a counsellor (and sometimes a therapy client) myself, I see this firsthand! As well, online communities and social media platforms provide a virtual space for millennials to connect with like-minded individuals, share their experiences, and gain insights into positive parenting practices. I highly bet that sharing parenting memes are part of your language online these days!

Additionally, there is a growing movement towards redefining success and prioritising wellbeing over material achievement. Millennials are challenging the conventional notion of "having it all" and embracing a more balanced approach to life, one that values quality time with family, self-care, and meaningful connections over status symbols and career accolades.

SO!... It's clear, millennials are facing unprecedented pressures as they strive to heal their own childhood wounds while providing positive parenting to their own children. Despite the additional strains like lack of family support, financial concerns and career pressures, there is a palpable sense of resilience and determination here as millennials seek to break the cycle of generational trauma and create a brighter future for their children.

Through self-reflection, community support, and a re-evaluation of priorities, millennials are forging a path towards healing and nurturing parenting, one that holds the promise of a more compassionate and connected society for generations to come.

Woohoo, GO US!!


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